ICG's Price Match Guarantee

Part of the ICG philosophy is that we offer our customers products that represent excellent value.

So that our customers can order with complete confidence, we have introduced a Price Match Guarantee.

Simply put - if you see a better deal on the web from a competitor then we'll match the deal.

Which items do ICG price match?

Everything we sell. The item must be identical, including model number, components and warranty.

Are delivery charges included in the price match?

Yes. When we compare our price to another company's price, all delivery charges will be included.

Which items and services aren't available for price match?

We don't match items sold on auction sites.

ICG must be able to verify the offer through a published website or sales line.

Any Price Match must be commercially viable, we will not supply products at a loss. ICG reserve the right to implement the ICG Price Match Guarantee.

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